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Team receives ICTR Community Collaboration Grant

Members of the Coleman Research Group were recently awarded a Community Partnership and Collaboration Core Pilot Grant from the Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR). The grant provides $10,000 to support new collaborations between faculty and community partners.

The project is led by Jenell Coleman, MD, MPH and Saumya Sao, BA of the Coleman Research Group. We have partnered with 3 high schools in the greater Baltimore area: Western High School (PI: Micah Harrison), Baltimore Polytechnic Institute (PI: Jennifer Barton), and Baltimore City College (PI: Sally Reyes).

The project, called the Violet Voices program, aims to establish a Youth Community Advisory Board with students from our 3 partner high schools who will help inform and improve the patient care provided by the Gyn/Ob department to adolescents and young adults, ages 13-24. YCAB members will participate in a year-long program and develop critical thinking skills. They will learn about sexual and reproductive health, how to be advocates for SRH among their peers and in their communities, and how to feel empowered about accessing SRH education and services. Select participants will also engage in a project called Photovoice, which allows research participants to guide the research process and will help document barriers and facilitators to SRH education and services directly from the youth's perspective.

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