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Meet our summer 2021 Violet Project interns!

The Violet Project team is wrapping up their summer work! The Violet Project is our digital health project that aims to improve access to sexual and reproductive healthcare for adolescents and young adults in the greater Baltimore area. From the beginning of June to August, The Coleman Research Group has had the pleasure of working with 7 students who are passionate about reproductive health equity. Most of the students will continue to work on the project during the school year.

The Violet Project intern team is led by Saumya Sao, research assistant with the Coleman Research Group.

Our 3 medical students:

  • Ruoxi Yu (top left, RO-she Yoo) - Ruoxi recently completed her 3rd year of medical school here at Hopkins. She will be taking the 2021-2022 school year to complete an MPH at Bloomberg. She was a recipient of the Hopkins Gyn/Ob department's DameWood Research Award last year. She hopes to match in Ob/Gyn residency.

  • Alexandra Lombardo (middle right) - Alexandra also recently completed her 3rd year of medical school here at Hopkins. She will be moving to Taiwain in late September as a Fulbright scholar to pursue a Masters of Science in Global Health. She speaks Mandarin and hopes to become more fluent in the language while in Taiwain. Alexandra also hopes to match into Ob/Gyn residency.

  • Sanyukta Deshmukh (top right) - Sanyukta is in her 1st year of medical school just across town at the University of Maryland. She worked with adolescents in a telehealth setting to help connect them with contraception and has been helping the Violet team with our telehealth aspects.

Our 3 undergraduate students:

  • Sadie Abboud (middle center) - Sadie is a junior at Hopkins majoring in Public Health Studies and Natural Sciences.

  • Maclaine Barre-Quick (bottom left) - Maclaine is a junior at Hopkins as well, majoring in Public Health Studies.

  • Natalie Mar Cordero (bottom right) - Natalie is a senior at the University of Virginia and was matched with the Coleman Research Group during the summer of 2021 as our Careers in Medicine and Science Program Intern.

Our high school students:

  • Ellie Frisch (middle left) - Ellie is a senior at Towson High School. Last year, she wa a Planned Parenthood peer Educator and co-chair of the Towson High Period Poverty Project.

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