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CHIPPER Team Attends 3rd National Ending the HIV Epidemic Partnerships for Research Meeting

Jet-setting from the DMV and Michigan to LAX, our team got a taste of the California breeze while discussing the latest strategies and efforts in Ending the HIV Epidemic (EHE).

The CHIPPER Team from both Michigan Medicine & Johns Hopkins Medicine got to connect in-person for the EHE conference! [from left to right: Dr. Okeoma Mmeje (Co-Principal Investigator; Michigan), Dr. Jenell Coleman (Principal Investigator; Hopkins), Lillee Izadi (Study Coordinator; Hopkins), Jayelin Parker (Study Program Manager; Michigan), and Crystal Christie (Senior Research Program Coordinator; Hopkins)]

"Honestly, the best part of the conference - aside from the warm weather, of course - was getting to listen to the amazing work done by interdisciplinary researchers from all parts of the country. It's not every day you get to sit down with leaders in the field who are trying to solve the same health challenges as you! It's beautiful to see years of work come together at different levels and angles to make an impact in our local and national communities." -Lillee I.

The Johns Hopkins CHIPPER team pose for a photo-op to close out the first day of the EHE Meeting!

Check out what CHIPPER has done for EHE here!

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