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Current Research (cartoon option)

Learn more about our current and recently completed projects here!


Postpartum HPV Vaccination

A study examining the immunogenicity of a two-dose HPV vaccine among postpartum women, and the feasibility and acceptability of postpartum HPV vaccination


Adolescents, Inflammation, Microbiota, and STIs (AIMS)

A study assessing the effect of injectable contraceptives on inflammation, vaginal microbiota, and STI/HIV risk among adolescent girls and young women

PrEP among Women

A nurse-facilitated intervention to improve access to and education about HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) among women


Bupivacaine Study

A randomized controlled trial studying the effect of a short acting non-opioid anesthetic, bupivacaine, on post-operative pain among minimally invasive hysterectomy patients

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